Student Audition/Application Materials and Information



Monday, November 23rd

Revised Audition Information Available


Tuesday, November 24th

Last Call: Online Submission of Forms Deadline
Online Auditin Time Slots Available*
  *link sent via email provided in online audition form


Thursday, December 3rd

Online Audition Time Slot Deadline


Monday, December 7th

Actors: Auditions (4:00pm-9:15pm)


Tuesday, December 8th

Call-Backs* (4:00pm)

  *if necessary


Wednesday, December 9th

Cast List Posted

Organizational Meeting for ALL Cast, Crew, Pit
and Parent/Guardian (6:30pm)

LAHS Alumni Auditorium

followed immediately by a full cast read-thru

Audition Materials and Resources

All audition packets are able to be downloaded and printed in .pdf format. Audition packets include all auditon procedures, character/role descriptions, plot synopsis, audition monologues and music, peer recommendation forms and the required signature form.



                   Female Audition Packet



                   Male Audition Packet



                   Dancer-Only Packet



                   Production Crew Packet



                   Stage Manager Packet



                   Pit Orchestra Packet



Online Audition Form

Eveyone must complete this online audition form. On the first screen simply click the appropriate link (female actor, male actor, dancer-only, production crew, stage manager, or pit orchestra). Please note: you mus complete the entire form once started. You cannot save you progress and complete it in segments.





There are only 5 ways to be involved in this year's spring musical:

Actor, Dancer-Only, Production Crews, Stage Manager, and Pit Orchestra


Actors (Male and Female): You must download/print the audition packet, complete the online audition form, print/complete/submit the signature sheet, and then schedule an audition time. Deadline: Tuesday, Nov. 17th 


All Auditions include singing and speaking.  The Male and Female packet include both the music and monologues for you to prepare. You must prepare all of the music in the packet and both short monologues.


Make sure that you read your audition packet well and understand all that is required for the audition. Review the “CASTING and AUDITION REQUIREMENTS” in each audition packet.


Dancer-Only:  You must download/print the audition packet, complete the online form, print/complete/submit the signature sheet, and submit an audition video. Deadline: Friday, Nov. 20th


Production Crews: You must download/print the information packet; complete the online form, and print/complete/submit the signature sheet.
Deadline: Friday, Nov. 20th


Stage Manager: You must download/print the information packet, complete the online form, print/complete/submit the signature sheet, print/complete/submit the 2 peer recommendation forms. Deadline: Friday, Nov. 20th


Pit Orchestra: You must download/print the information packet, complete the online form, print/complete/submit the signature sheet.

Deadline: Friday, Nov. 20th


Audition Audio Tracks

You will find full recordings for the audition music below available for streaming. Please note: the tracks are full recordings and not excerpts like your audition materials. You will have to listen to the entire track and follow your music to find/hear your excerpt.

He's The Wiz (Female Actor)

Home/Finale (Female Actor)

Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News (Female Actor)

What Would I Do If I Could Feel (Male Actor)

Mean Ole Lion (Male Actor)

So You Wanted To Meet The Wizard (Male Actor)

Tornado (Dancer-Only Audition Music / Includes click-track at start)
Download version of this .mp3 by click this link.

Dancer-Only Audition Video Submission
All dancer-only applicants must submit a video using the 32-bar Tornado track that is linked above. Acceptable formats to upload: .mp4, .mov, .avi, .wmv, .flv. If you experience difficulty with submitting your video online, please see Mr. Hill.

Audition Information and Reminders

  1. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled audition time, so as to allow you to get “settled” and “organized”. Arriving early also allows us to keep things moving along – which is to everyone’s benefit.


  2.  Please enter via the band room doors. You will wait there until someone meets you to escort your audition group to the auditorium.

  3.  You should have all materials you will need to audition with you – audition music and audition monologue reading. A piano accompanist will be
       provided for you.


  4.  If you have any questions – see Mr. Hill ( or Mrs. Berg (

This is the presentation that was shared during the Spring Musical Informational Meeting, which was held during FLEX on Monday, Nov. 16th.


You can click on it and then scroll through each slide.

Have audition questions? Post them below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.